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Common Ground isn’t just a work area but a local community. Released in 2017, we have workplaces in Malaysia, Thailand, and also the Philippines. In 2019, Common Ground won Best Coworking Space Penang in the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. There are four main professional services: private office, shared office rental, fixed desk, and virtual office.

Many people are probably not utilized to the idea of a coworking space, but you can find astonishing benefits to operating in one! For an entrepreneur, coworking spaces host invaluable social networking and area events that can help you create those relationships and maybe even find potential customers! It can provide a structure for your workday.

Common Ground’s private offices come many advantages- the space becomes independent from the fixed desks, plus the office itself should be accessed 24/7 and closed for additional protection. A cost-free 12 hours is prolonged available of our own meeting rooms. Printing extras include 500 pages of black & white printing or 100 pages of colour printing.

Common Ground

Relieve the tension of meeting monthly instalments by renting a home office. Renting isn’t just less expensive, but without having to worry regarding the financials, you can concentrate on what’s truly important- developing your small business. Having a rented space also makes it much easier to accommodate a rising and falling variety of employees.

Having a fixed workplace at Common Ground is a fantastic profit for compact start-ups and teams- no pressure about leasing a massive space and overpaying. Fixed desks give you all the skills of an open-working atmosphere, as well as many networking benefits. Complimentary 5 hours access to our meeting rooms is involved, and printing services.

A virtual office gives you all of the important things about an actual location, with no expenditures or you the need to be actually present! With Common Ground’s virtual office package deal, you can obtain a professional enterprise address together with a business residential number. Should you require an assembly room or work area, we’re also happy to provide discounts for you at any place.

If you’re interested in providing co-working spaces with a chance, book a tour and experience right here at Common Ground. You may choose your selected time and area through our online reserving form. If you wish to find many more advantages at Common Ground, pay a visit to coworking space Penang to our website at