AIG Malaysia Insurance Coverage Possibilities

AIG Malaysia is really a top-rated insurance policy firm in Malaysia. The MyGuardian insurance policy they supply is supposed to reduce pointless financial anxiety and troubles in unfortunate incidents. Insurance coverage is supposed to reassure you, so you can rest easy knowing that your upcoming is looked after.

There are actually four important insurance coverages that each specific should have in their day-to-day lives- residence, automobile, vacation, and private crash insurance coverage. AIG Malaysia gives guidelines for every one of these situations to make certain you are covered from all facets. No matter where you may be in everyday life, think about acquiring insurance coverage with AIG.

AIG’s Travel Insurance plans are divided into three major divisions: insurance for residential and international vacation and insurance coverage for pupils travelling abroad. All insurance policies include health-related and private incidents, so you don’t need to worry about taking on unforeseen expenses abroad.

AIG Malaysia

If you are a residence manager, you should consider getting some property insurance to guard yourself against needless expenses that could incur if your residence or its items are broken. Home insurance is effective in guarding you against disasters, and robbery, or burglary. AIG offers monetary help if you call for choice holiday accommodation.

AIG’s car insurance insurance policies are devoted to protecting your automobile against injury- which includes accidents, fire, or burglary. AIG also provides important highway assistance services if you are trapped on the streets, along with a selection of customisable put-on coverages. Our dedicated board fix workshop presents 1 year of guarantee on all repairs done.

Possessing Personal Incident Insurance includes numerous advantages and a lump sum payout on all accidents and healthcare and hospitalisation benefits. AIG’s guidelines also lengthen to 24/7, around the world protection, along with the top quality you may be required to spend would depend only on your occupation and selection of program.

Think about safeguarding your upcoming and family with AIG Malaysia’s insurance plans nowadays. Insurance can provide the confidence and security to reside your greatest daily life with satisfaction. Please pay a visit to for more information on our MyGuardian plans and what will job right for you.